Rolex Explorer 2–Full Review and Value Analysis

Rolex Explorer 2–Review | Is It A Good Investment?

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Rolex Explorer 2 (Explorer II), synonymous with the spirit of adventure and transcending mere functionality, this remarkable timepiece embodies the essence of Rolex—a brand that has defined generations. The Rolex Explorer 2 shines with a unique radiance, symbolizing rugged sophistication and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

But is it worth the investment?

In this detailed analysis, we'll explore the features and value of this Rolex collection. Read on to discover all that this extraordinary watch has to offer, from its technical specifications to its connections to legendary expeditions.

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What Is the Rolex Explorer 2? 

The original Rolex Explorer was introduced in 1953, inspired by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay's historic ascent of Mount Everest earlier that year. The Rolex Explorer 2 (Explorer II) was later introduced in 1971 as a successor to the original Explorer. It was specifically designed for speleologists, or cave explorers, and included features to assist in environments where distinguishing between day and night can be challenging.

The Rolex Explorer 2 is one of the most reliable watches for travelers and the most daring adventurers. The blue Chromelight lume ensures visibility in dark environments. Its 42-mm stainless steel case offers durability, while the current-generation caliber 3285 movement offers a reliable 70-hour power reserve and resistance to corrosion. It also offers true 100% waterproof features due to its exclusive Rolex-designed Oyster case.



The Rolex Explorer 2 is a watch forged for the pursuit of the unknown. It was intricately designed to meet the rigorous demands of explorers who push the boundaries of human discovery. The Explorer 2's features aren't mere embellishments; they're thoughtfully crafted solutions to real-world challenges faced by adventurers. Here are the full technical specifications of the Rolex Explorer 2.

CASE AND DISPLAY: The Rolex Explorer 2 sports a 42-mm stainless steel waterproof Oyster case. The non-drilled case offers a sturdier structure, exceeding typical watchmaking standards. The Rolex-developed Chromalight lume emits an intense blue glow in the dark and an even brighter white hue in daylight. This exclusive Chromalight material guarantees reliability in the darkest of environments. Further enhancing its durability, the Explorer 2 is also equipped with crystal scratch-resistant sapphire, a material known for its resilience.

MOVEMENT AND PERFORMANCE: The Rolex Explorer 2 is equipped with the current-generation Caliber 3285 movement, ensuring precision with high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers. A 70-hour power reserve stands ready without notice, consistently keeping time moving for extreme explorers. The patented Chronergy Escapement, crafted from a nickel-phosphorous alloy, is insensitive to magnetic interference, contributing to the watch's outstanding performance. This performance extends to its guarantees of chronometric precision, autonomy of approximately 70 hours, shock resistance, ease of use, and overall reliability.

RESISTANCE AND DURABILITY: Built for harsh environments, the Rolex Explorer 2 features a blue Parachrom hairspring, resistance to shocks, strong magnetic fields, and stability against temperature fluctuations. Its resistance to corrosion is enhanced through the use of a Parachrom hairspring, ensuring that this watch will maintain its integrity and function even under the most demanding conditions.

BRACELET: The Rolex Explorer 2 offers an Oystersteel bracelet comprised of three-piece solid links, including a comfort extension link for custom fitting, solid end links for stability, and a folding Oysterlock safety clasp expander to secure the watch on the wrist. This blend of style and practicality reflects the quality and thoughtfulness that goes into every aspect of the watch.


    The Rolex Explorer 2's Oyster Case: True Waterproof 

    oyster case features

    The Rolex Explorer 2 is equipped with the iconic Oyster case, an enduring symbol of true waterproof quality since 1926. With a system that screws down the bezel, case back, and winding crown against the middle case, it is a major milestone in modern watchmaking, offering the ideal balance between form and function. 

    • Oystersteel Material: The Rolex Explorer 2 models are available in Oystersteel, an exclusive alloy belonging to the 904L steel family, boasting corrosion resistance and a unique radiance. 
    • Waterproofness: Guaranteed waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet) following stringent Superlative Chronometer certification tests. 

    The Oyster Bracelet and Oysterlock Clasp: Developed in the late 1930s, the Oyster bracelet is renowned for its comfort, elegance, and robustness. The Explorer watch is fitted with an Oysterlock folding safety clasp and the Easylink rapid extension system for instant comfort adjustments. 

    Twinlock Winding Crown: Double Waterproof: The Twinlock winding crown, composed of around 10 components, contributes to the Explorer 2's complete waterproofness. It includes two waterproofness zones and is hermetically screwed to the Oyster case, ensuring a waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet).


    Rolex Explorer 2: Is It Worth The Investment? 


    The Rolex Explorer 2 captures the essence of adventure and exploration. With unique features like blue-glowing Chromalight, scratch-resistant sapphire, and connections to legendary expeditions, it raises the question: How does this watch fare as an investment? 

    Rolex Explorer 2: Price & Investment Value


    The current-production reference models, with their scratch-resistant sapphire and optimum legibility, offer great investment potential. Features like the blue-glowing Chromalight changing color over time, independent rapid-setting, and winding bidirectional self-winding mechanism add to their appeal. 

    Dials with tritium markings, bezels with arrows, and Rolexes related to polar explorers and Mount Everest expeditions have a special place in the hearts of collectors. Tritium markings, a radioactive material used for luminosity, connect to a period in watchmaking where the goal was to maximize visibility in the dark, separating day from night. Its subsequent replacement by safer luminescent materials adds to the rarity and historical intrigue of models featuring this technology. Rolex ceased using tritium in 1998 due to environmental and safety concerns, which further adds to the rarity of the earlier Explorer 2 Rolexes.

    Considering the price trends, demand, and rarity of steel sports watches, the Rolex Explorer 2 shows potential growth in both the current market and the pre-owned market. Retail and pre-owned prices may vary from $15,000–$20,000, with earlier models, such as 1971's 1655 Rolex Explorer 2 models, fetching higher price tags. Rolex Explorer 2 designs with black dials are noticeably more desirable, as the signature black dial gives the watch a rare appeal. Overall, the Rolex Explorer 2 collection has seen consistent appreciation over time, solidifying its place in the eyes of watch collectors. 

      Rolex Explorer 2–The Watch Designed for Exploration

      Rolex Explorer 2: The Watch Designed For Exploration

      The Rolex Explorer 2 watches embody the spirit of adventure. With incredible features like high-performance paraflex shock absorbers, resistance to corrosion, and the highly legible Chromalight display, these watches appeal to both  mountaineers and cave explorers. 

      Investing in a Rolex Explorer 2 is not just about owning a piece of luxury; it's about acquiring a piece of history and functionality. Whether you are considering the retail price or browsing the pre-owned market, these watches offer something beyond mere aesthetics. Their appeal to the explorers of Mount Everest and the polar regions, as well as their unique technical specifications like the non-drilled case and clasp expander, make them an asset worth holding.

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      The Rolex Explorer 2 awaits. With its blend of innovation and elegance, it's the timepiece for those who demand more. Join the ranks of explorers, adventurers, and connoisseurs today. Discover the Rolex watch collection at Watchflix LA, and let your journey begin.

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